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Buying A Mouthguard For Sport In Geelong

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If you play any form of contact sport, young or old then a mouth guard is an essential piece of safety equipment. Studies have shown 39% of dental injuries occur while participating in some form of sporting activity.

There are three types of mouth guards available to you:

Stock Or Generic Mouth Guard

These are available from most sports stores and chemists varying in price from $8 - $90. You can't claim these on your health insurance and they may not be the perfect fit. Brand names include Shock Doctor, Sisu and Signature.

Boil & Bite Mouth Guards

These type of mouth guards are first softened in hot water and then pushed and moulded around the the teeth using your finger and tongue. Although these mouth guards are an improvement on the stock mouth guards nothing beats a custom fitted mouth guard. The average cost for these mouth guards are about $50.

Many complain that these type of mouth guards are bulky and don't give enough protection.

Also generic or stock mouth guards and boil and bite mouth guards are not covered by health insurance.

Custom Mouth Guards

We specialise in mouth guards that protect your teeth and gums properly and consistently.

7 Things You Need To Know About Custom Mouthguards

  1. First an impression is made of your teeth both upper and lower.
  2. The thickness is then determined for your needs - most dentist recommend between 3-4mm for optimal protection.
  3. If you have any missing teeth or wear braces then this can be accounted for.
  4. Custom mouth guards can be made for children as young as 6 or 7 years old.
  5. The mouth guards are extremely strong made from a urethane laminate
  6. Most health insurers pay up to 90% of the cost of a fitted, custom mouth guard.
  7. Mouth guards are available in AFL colours - other colours are available but may cost more.

If you do need a mouth guard for school or adult sports allowed approximately one week for delivery.

Specialised colours may take a little longer. The average cost of a custom mouth guard is $120. Its well worth the protection and piece of mind especially if its for your child or you value your smile. No more chip teeth , cut lips and gums or injured cheeks and tongue.

Maintenance instructions: no hot water , store in cool environments, rinse in cold water and clean with toothpaste.

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